Tuesday, September 08, 2009

following a code that brings satisfaction

following a code that brings satisfaction.

First you must FIND a code that brings satisfaction. Then you must try to follow it. Here it is - Create. Make something. Do something. Those that know they create their own reality will do better. What is so fascinating about the world? The endless example of creativity, that it exists, that it is infinite in all directions, that there is no end, no last word, no all encompassing theory. It evades capture. Its bigger and smarter and more beautiful and we are of it.

I dont want to overplay the negative, but i believe there are some hopeless, amoral people in this world. Religion has crumbled for them. They no longer can believe in Noah's ark, or heaven or hell, or salvation. They wont make it unless they have a natural awakening. Those that know they create their own reality will do better. They wont despair. They look at the impossibility of anything so complex as this planet existing by accident, and they know they have that creative power in their own hands. They know that if we have gotten this far, we will probably continue on. somehow things line up and work out, no matter what group is in power. human beings want to live and somehow they get what they need. so relax, and find that thing you enjoy making, because the creative power is the feeling you are looking for.

(Joesph Campbell, the academic who studied mythology and religions - he said religion and mythology were the same thing, it just depended on whether you were talking about yourself or the other guy. many of "my facts" about the history of religion come from him. )

The first religion we have evidence for was about 200,000 years ago, little shrines in caves to cave bears. man worshipped animals, or did he? he hunted, killed and ate animals. he lived on animals. he killed everyday. man poured the animals blood onto the ground, the earth drank, and next year the animal returned, to be killed and sacrificed again. The first religion grew out of the experience of killing and eating. Rather than hating, man loved, worshipped, the animals which gave him life. The caves of lascaux are a shrine, just as the medieval cathedral.

Around the equator are the plant religions. The plant religions are the religion of death, sacrifice, from rot comes life. The goddess is the womb of earth. you plant people when they die.

Around 3500 BC the learned people noticed the mathematical movements of the planets through the fixed stars, and just as people before had imitated animals and plants, now the king and queen were the sun and moon, the court the planets, and the cycles of the seasons drove the society.

From these three traditions, come our religions, more or less.

When Cain, the planter, killed Abel, who lived on animals, Cain went and started cities. The old way was dying, even though God preferred it. Abels blood spilt on the ground and cried out to God. Abraham's God Yahweh was a warrior God, certainly Male. The Canaanites, planters, were the lovers of the goddess, the abomination as Abraham's people called her.

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