Wednesday, February 06, 2008

media as ouija board

the media can select whichever candidate they want. have you ever been in a group that did not have group-think? peer pressure? professional standards? orthodoxy? all the media has to do to float their candidate is print a flattering picture and a positive headline. so for instance, mccain takes control, flattering picture, huckabee surprising wins, flattering picture, romney cobbles together a few wins (actual headline cnn), no picture. romney has nearly twice as many delegates as huckabee, but huckabee is hot! since the media is objective, the authority, the record of all that goes on, a good headline and picture are worth more than any amount of advertising dollar.

when i was 12, and the neighbor kid had a ouija board, we asked it who is your secret girlfriend? and it always knew. it was uncanny. i almost believed i wasnt pushing it. this is what the media is doing. they may not know who their candidate is, but as they figure it out, they write the objective stories that incidentally promote the winners. later they can help tear them down. on the whole then, they are completely objective.

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