Sunday, December 04, 2011

no i am not going to war

like living with a schizophrenic, paul sucked the entire world into his insanity. why cannot the world move on from a religion that requires universal and eternal inherited sin from a single man who never lived and a human sacrifice for penance?

paul had to explain how a man who suffered the execution of a criminal was in reality a cosmic bookend. you read paul's letter to the romans, and the sermon on the mount, besides not being the same religion, you see the part that is given lip service, and the part that is silently read. jesus said not only shall you not kill, but you must love your enemies, for even the tax collectors and gentiles are able to do otherwise.

what we have is not so much a religion as a culture. the culture will establish the practice, it will change over time, it wont necessarily be faithful to the original. like a mob whose individuals do not protest and alone would not do such things, the single man pretends it makes sense, and even utters banalities how he is supported and grounded by his faith, certainly not his reason.

if we clearly as humans have one thing to feel ashamed of, it is war. this year's war is always popular with the mob. its time for reform. what must happen is that the individual must begin to break away from the mob. don't go to war for the mob. don't pretend the mythologic mumbo jumbo makes sense.

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