Monday, September 06, 2010


the problem with college history textbooks is that they are such a condensation they are not true in any fundamental sense of the word.

besides draining all the blood out of the subject.

the left is dead. social issues are a red herring. the supposedly massively liberal administration is indistinguishable from the previous supposedly conservative administration on military, financial, and government powers.

on the playing board are abortion, gay rights, whether the capitalists give you 26 weeks unemployment or the socialists give you 52 weeks.

Obama cannot survive such a coordinated propaganda attack. The left is dead precisely because they are so indistinguishable from the right. They tried to implement the slightest social engineering, the decision has been made to replace him. The insanity of the socialism charge with the man who did not change anything fundamental seldom gets noticed by the left, and is levied by the right. The issues that have been building for a generation, militarism, insolvency, financial decline, governmental impotence and irrelevance, have been blamed on our two years of socialism.

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