Sunday, May 30, 2010


the survival of america is dependent on the outcome of a war of propaganda. its hard not to, at times, be pessimistic. it seems that the most powerful are amoral. they have no moral compass, no moral creed, no overriding belief, no fear of hell, no assurance of retribution.

you can try to counter this with logic, but then, supposing, you come into a position of power and temptation, what are you going to use to guide you? what altruistic philosophy would you use?

since religion has been proven scientifically to be a bag of unlikely events, an official creed has not been universally in place. is a creed possible, or is the new religion so formless it cannot have a mass manifestation? right now i would say our religion is electronic entertainment. and pursuit of the dollar and power for the minority driven to rule.

a new religion, if valid, would really benefit and be helpful. what is it? what fate falls to the faithless? emptiness. what faith falls to the optimistic? surety.

should the newly and formlessly faithful fight the propaganda war, or should they pursue the way of manifestation?

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