Sunday, July 17, 2005

the old iceberg theory

this morning i woke suddenly from a deep sleep - squalling, fighting cats outside my window. the neighbor tomcats terrorize my peaceful, fixed cats. i chased him off, went back to bed. then i remembered the dream i was having as i awoke. it was not profound, but i was there, on a roller coaster, trying to keep things from falling out, and later telling someone who had also been on the ride about it. there were details, conversation, thoughts, i was sitting then i was standing. to me in the dream, it was not a question of whether it was real or not.

now, what really struck me, is, how many other dreams like that with people, things, words, details, did i have last night that i dont remember? i only remember this one because i woke suddenly in the middle of it. how many other rich complete situations have happened to me this year that part of me knows about and part of me does not remember?

why does the unconscious seem to have more going on than the conscious? why does the unconscious seem to have so much to do? why does the conscious seem to be so in the dark? unknowing. I have forgotten more than i know.

the scientists belittle and dismiss, oh that is just a brain rewind, a chemical sputter, a hormonal balancing. campbell says myths are an attempt to tell the unconscious story to the conscious. there is a pattern with meditation. deep concentration leads to dreamlike images, if the conscious mind stirs, they are chased away. meditation is a search for unconscious light. behind every unconscious fluid image, is light. when it bursts through, that is the only goal of meditation.

perhaps the great novelists learn how to let their unconscious weave a story, without letting their conscious self step in and police the action. the conscious can handle the grammar. characters and events which ring true and have their own existence have to come from a richer source.

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