Tuesday, March 01, 2005


the inner side has always seemed important to me. if you can become neutral for one second, silence the noise, the wants, needs, fears, you can feel the ecstasy at the core of your being. that is what fuels the desire to live, to experience life. religion is manmade. that doesnt make me an atheist. only god can make a sunset. you dont need fairy tales to believe in god. just consider the harmony of life, from the subatomic to the stars, and how similar it is to a work of art, everything in its place. there hasnt been enough time pass to produce a human being by random chance. the same evident design could possibly bring two people together who need each other. its hard to ignore the pull to family and kinship. the odds are not good, but something with even greater odds, life itself, and sunsets, oceans, trees, babies, has happened. so perhaps the hidden hand of divine accidents still exists, and just hoping for somebody you love to talk to is not so foolish.

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